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Modern Painting of Thailand


face1 SOLD

40x60 cm

face2 SOLD

40x60 cm


100x100 cm


100x100 cm

kiss SOLD

90x120 cm

lotus2 (sold)

40x60 cm


40x60 cm

lotus (sold)

50x50 cm


60x80 cm

SOMPECH WANCHIT Email: sompechw@yahoo.com


How to purchase online? If you are interested in a specific painting, please email us and we can inform you about the price of the painting in your currency including the transporting costs and insurance, but excluding customs duty in your country. You can then transfer the agreed amount to our bank account, and we will ship the artwork(s) to you with freight details.

Address: Green Point Silom, Silom Road, Thailand, Tel 66-(0)-89-068-4957

Email: sompechw@yahoo.com

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